18. januar 2022

Læstadius' assessment of other non-Læstadian Christians

Source: Jouko Talonen, STI
Translated by: Henry Baardsen, Alta

For Læstadius, it was that one (personally) got to experience faith, a completely decisive criterion. According to him, there were more "living" Christians among the Baptists than there were in the Evangelical Lutheran state church in Sweden. When he gave his visitation sermon in Sorsele in January 1844 (a few weeks after his meeting with the Sami girl Maria), he analyzed in strong words the internal conflicts that had arisen between the various groups within the reader movement. And he certainly rejected all the group formations that had arisen because of the spiritual partisanship that prevailed.

Læstadius valued and defended the Methodist pastor George Scott's activities in Sweden (in the period 1830-1842). He considered the work of the Evangelical Alliance to be somewhat positive, and in general he was positive about Anglo-Saxon revival Christianity. The exchange of letters between Læstadius and the rector of Gothenburg and the defender Peter Wieselgren reflects a very "fraternal" contact (between them).

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