27. januar 2022

What exactly is "Laestadian" and "ancient Christianity"?

The effects of the revival
This year it is 175 years since the Laestadian revival began. The revival spread very quickly as early as the 1840s and 1850s, and soon became widespread, especially throughout the North Calotte, but also over much larger areas and in many countries. Alcohol consumption plummeted, domestic violence and other forms of violence were drastically reduced, and reindeer thefts almost ceased. The people largely obeyed the laws of the land, and church life was renewed in many ways. From the authority's point of view, the revival brought with it a great deal of positivity. But not only positive, from the point of view of the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian churches. They were probably mostly critical of the revival. Of course, this did not apply to all congregations and to all priests, since many priests were also associated with the revival.

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